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He`s only interested in turning the pages very quickly

Hi Brett,
My son is 10 ths old and use to be very happy to sit and look at books while I read to him now it is very hard to keep him still or when I do all he is interested in is turning the pages very quickly. He has mastered using his left hand and thumb to turn the R hand page well but I can`t manage to read the story. He does enjoy the touch and feel books but again has a quick touch and turns the page. Any tips or should I just let him go ?

Answer: Hi Michele, The fact that your son is showing an interest in books is a fantastic start! He obviously likes interactivity so it`s a great idea expose him to lots of books featuring textures, activities and things to play with. Allow him to discover the surprises at his own pace. To slowly introduce the idea of reading a story, check out Jeanette Rowe`s fabulous "Whose..." series of books. These books are perfectly pitched to one-year olds with simple, bright illustrations and a literary game of peekaboo you can play together. (Whose nose? Elephant`s nose!)
Answered: 15 Feb 2008