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How can I help her enjoy reading more wordy stories?

Hi Brett,
My clever 1 and a half year old daughter loves reading. She especially loves the Maisy Books by Lucy Cousins, baby first words books and anything by Eric Carle because of the simplicity and bright colourful illustrations, but is beginning to outgrow them.

However, whenever I try to read her more story type books, with more words etc, she gets impatient and loses interest or wants to turn the page before I`m finished.

What can I do to help her to enjoy reading more wordy stories, or can you recommend some good intermediate toddler books or authors?
Thanks, Jen

Answer: Hi Jen, Focusing on rhymes are a great start. Books with regular, rhythmic text and/or repetition will help your daughter to develop a sense of story and when it`s time to turn the page. Try Lynley Dodd`s Hairy Maclary series. In Sue Machin`s "I Went Walking", the story builds anticipation to discover what`s over the page: "I went walking, what did I see?". The repetitive, rhythmic text in books like Mem Fox`s "Time For Bed" and "Where is The Green Sheep" is also perfect for young children. The stories are simple enough to understand, but fun and engaging enough to hold attention.
Answered: 22 Feb 2008