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Should I keep trying to read to her, or give it a rest for a while?

Hi Brett,
I have read to my 2.5 year old daughter since she was born & she has loved it from day one & reading is a regular part of every day (she makes sure of this!!). I also have a 9 month old daughter, who is very different to her sister in most ways. I am having a great deal of difficulty reading anything to her. If I sit her on my lap to read, she doesn`t even glance at the book before eagerly shoving it her mouth. I have tried sitting her in her bouncer a few times, so she can`t reach the book but she isn`t interested & doesn`t look at the pictures or pay attention to me reading.
At the moment, all she`s getting is overhearing me read to my toddler. I still make at least one attempt to read to her every day, as I feel reading is really important. Should I keep trying or give it a rest for a while?
Any tips would be gratefully accepted!

Answer: Hi Alison Your youngest daughter might not be showing so much interest in books yet, but you should feel lucky she has such a great mentor in her big sister! Having shared reading sessions is perfect. Even though at the moment she might be more interested in what`s going on elsewhere, she`ll soon become interested in what`s engrossing your eldest daughter. You should absolutely keep trying to get her interested. Even just a few minutes each day will help train her to listen in what, for her, is a new way. Feel free to experiment with many different kinds of books, too. For example, your daughter might not seem interested in a story with narrative, but a short poem or rhyme may hold her attention for just long enough. Good luck! Brett
Answered: 15 Aug 2008