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Avatar At_Sk
5 yr old wetting day/night

My 5 yr old Girl never really took to toilet training was for a tiny bit at age 3 but has wet bed and 2-3 times during the a for 2 years now, have always been told to wait till she 5 before worrying about it but its not getting any better she doesn't seem lazy or having any issues in our family lifei have been told she is a very intelligent child and has been since little but hasn't seem to mastered ths is something wrong with her :( have tried lifting her during night, stopped drinks before bed, reminding her lots during the day if she needs to go to toilet

Jane ...
Answer: It could be a genetically influenced factor in your family; we do know that there is a strong correlation between the age at which parents were dry at night and the ages their kids will be. Obviously, this is out of your control but it may be worthwhile asking your parents (if possible) and her dads to see if this may have been an issue. She's still young and below the treatable age for enuresis; medications, nasal sprays and alarms aren't generally recommended until the child is closer to 7-8 years and by far the majority of kids stop bed wetting in the first year of primary school. Modifying fluid intake doesn't really help as you're finding. But restricting chocolate, soft drinks and high sugar diet can have a positive effect if indeed her diet reflects these. Night time dryness is almost always connected with maturation of the nervous system and never about intellegence or naughtiness. Some kids just have what is known as a "soft signal" to their brain which alerts them to wake at night and empty their bladder, wetting occurs in a very deep phase of the sleep cycle and kids don't know they're doing it. So praise and rewards don't work. A check wit your GP may be worthwhile just to eliminate any urinary infection or otherwise. Cheers Jane
Answered: 28 Nov 2012