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Avatar Mummy...
Separation anxiety & Primary school

My DS started primary school yesterday and was the only child crying. This was ok and expected however today (second day of school) he got sent home after 30mins of school because he vomited from crying so much.
He went to childcare for 6months last year and for the first 5 months he was fine and happy to go. The last month however he would start crying at drop off.
Please help i really don't know what i am going to do.

Jane ...
Answer: You need to speak with the teacher and develop a management plan for how to deal with this effectively. School is reality and although every child is an individual and will develop in their own way (including social and emotional skills) they all eventually come to terms with coping with school. Although this is undoubtedly upsetting for you as well, try not to let your reactions influence him. If you give him too much reassurance then he may interpret this as meaning there really is something to be concerned about. So balancing what's fair and reasonable with what's too much can obviously be a delicate balancing act. This may be just a stage of exaggerated separation anxiety and with time and exposure and practice, he'll grow out of it. Some kids are so deeply attached to their parents that it takes them more time to be able to regulate their own emotions and deal with changes in their little lives. This is not a snapshot of how he'll always be and that you've done something wrong. I honestly think the best management plan which can be worked out will be between you, the teacher and the school. Trust the education system and his teacher as having the skills and expertise to offer you sound, evidence based guidance. And then you need to follow through on what they suggest. Often, a team approach to these issues is very effective. Cheers Jane
Answered: 16 Feb 2013