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Avatar Shoog50
Breasts returning to normal?

Hi there

I am wondering how long after I finish breast feeding will my breasts find a constant size? I am 3 cup sizes bigger now and will not fit into my old bras and I'm wondering how long should I wait before going out and making any purchases, since they will be expensive ones.


Jane ...
Answer: This can vary between women, it can take up to six months before breasts return to their pre lactation size, but in terms of shape there is generally a permanent change. Lots of women continue wearing their maternity bras after weaning, with regular adjustments of hooks and straps as the breasts stop lactating. You could consider just getting a couple of cheap "temporary" bras for this transition period with a view to throwing them out once your breasts seem to not be changing in size anymore. As long as these bras are supportive and new they should be fine. The other option is to get properly fitted by a bra fitter and ask their advice to see what style of bra has the best options for resizing with hooks and straps etc for this time period. You may even be better off wearing "crop top" bras for now which allow for breast size variation, or singlet tops with a built in bra/crop top. Best Jane
Answered: 28 Oct 2013