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Avatar Rwelb...
Body changes after weaning

I have weaned my 13 month old onto cows milk over the last month and am wondering when my boobs will shrink?
I know it will depend on lots of different things but just wanting a rough idea?

Jane ...
Answer: Most women find their breasts have returned to a pre-pregnancy size by around 4-6 weeks after weaning. But like you're saying this depends on a number of factors - how much milk a mother was producing and how often she was breastfeeding and how much her breasts increased in size during lactation. You are likely to find that your breast shape is different to how it was pre-pregnancy, most women are more lax and lose some elasticity after weaning. You will need to be fitted properly for new bras if you find your old ones are not as supportive as they should be. Many women still find they are producing milk up to 6 months after weaning, not to the point of engorgement of course but if they squeeze their nipples then some milk will come out. And again, the feeling of having an occasional let down can still be felt - for some women, even a couple of years after stopping breastfeeding. But this all depends on the individual woman. Best Jane
Answered: 18 Jan 2014