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Avatar mummy...
my kids are hitting my boyfriend

my 4 year old n 2 year old are always hitting my boyfriend when he kisses me they just meet him 1 week ago n started take them more to his house my youngest loves cuddles with him n how can get them to stop hitting him

Jane ...
Answer: They are probably not wanting to share you with him and becoming accoustomed to having to do this. Their behaviour is completely normal and age appropriate given the changes in your relationship. Perhaps it is too early for them to be seeing you two being affectionate and you may need to back off a bit when they are present. If they are upset or confused by what's happening this is not so much "naughty" behaviour or a sign that they dislike him personally, it's just that they are only reacting in what is essentially an age appropriate way to responding to situations they don't or can't understand. He shouldn't take their responses to him personally and although I know this may be hard, it's not him as a person they're reacting to but having to share you. Give them time and lots of affection yourself, praise their positive behaviour and go slowly with your new relationship. Time, and patience, reassurance and kindness will all help. Best Jane
Answered: 20 Jan 2014