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Avatar Milly...
School drop off with 3 kids

I'm due to have my third baby is August. I'm having trouble with my 2.5 yr old son when we go to drop my 4 yr old daughter off at pre school. He wants to stay and throws the biggest trantrums ever time, unless I carry him the whole time, which is what I have been doing. Now that I'm getting bigger that is getting very hard to do as he is a big boy. Does anyone have any ideas of how I'm going to be able to do school drop off with a newborn and my naughty son??

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, I understand you are apprehensive about this but he will be 3 months older by the time the new baby comes so his behaviour now is not a snapshot of how he will be then, he may well mature out of this age and stage by then. Could you put him in a stroller for the drop off? Or ask your husband to take your daughter, or a trusted friend just so you can avoid the issue of your boys tantruming? Or can you ask someone to mind him just for the drop off time? Praise may help to reinforce to your toddler that "good" behaviour gets rewards, so make a point of praising him when he's behaving appropriately. Do you make plans to go somewhere he would like after your daughter's drop off? Can you take him to the park or playgroup or somewhere he has some special time and enjoys? It's understandable that he wants to stay where the fun and the other kids are but if you have some plans for him to have fun then this may "short-circuit" his protests and make it easier for you to take him away from where he thinks all the action is. Best Jane
Answered: 17 May 2014