toddler tantrums

Why does your toddler always wait until you are out in public before throwing a big wobbly? Don’t worry it happens to us all, is the message from the mums on the couch.

Public tantrums are incredibly hard to deal with as it can be difficult to use the same consistent approach to behaviour that you would in your own home. Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett suggests that it may be that children become over stimulated when they are out and this can help to cause them to feel overwhelmed and thus more likely to have a tantrum. They are also pretty cluey characters and can pick up on the difference of how you behave when you are out as opposed to being at home. Do you bribe them with chocolate or a treat to stop them from having a tantrum? This will almost certainly reinforce the tantrum behaviour as they know they will get your attention and most likely a treat.

Toddler tantrums

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All the mums have a wry smile when they talk about the disapproving looks and the tutting of tongues they get when their children have had a public tantrum. Rest assured, you and your child are completely normal.

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