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A huge range of books are available for children right from birth, but where do I begin? Which one do I choose and when, should they rhyme and what do I choose if I speak to my child in another language at home?

We’ve all asked ourselves these questions as we stare at the range of children’s books in our local bookshop – so why not ask one of our experts!! We are lucky enough to have on board some one who knows an incredible amount about children’s books.

Brett Osmond

Brett has been in publishing and children’s books for more than fifteen years and has worked as a publisher, marketer, sales manager and industry consultant. Most recently, he has been working as Project Director of Books Alive, the largest co-operative promotion of books and reading in the country.

Free service to all our Club Members

Brett is available on line through our Huggies Help Panel to answer all your questions and queries one on one, completely free of charge. Send a note with your child’s basic details such as how old your child is, what level of reading ability they have and what sorts of things they like and they will recommend a selection of book titles that will suit your child.

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