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I`m bleeding after sex, and it`s very painful

Hi Alex,
I`m 21 years old, and three months ago I gave birth to my little girl Chloe. I had her naturally and it was a good labour. During the pregnancy sex was becoming more and more uncomfortable and now it`s very painfull. Im bleeding after sex and I have a slight pain on my low left. Ive spoken to two GP`s and they both gave me a really wishy-washy answer `wait and see how you go` I just want to know if there is reason to be concernd and if so what should I do and how long should I wait? Can`t wait to hear back from you.
Thanks, Amanda

Answer: Hi Amanda, Things like this can be a bit different after birth and it does take some months to sort itself out. However, if you feel tha tit is more than this you need to see a specialist gynaecologist for a check up. You will need a referral from your GP to see them. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jun 2009