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I`m concerned that the dates are inaccurate

Hi Alex,
I`ve got some confusion over my due date. From your previous answers I read that the due date is 9mths and 10days from your LMP. My LMP was 18th Jan so according to this method i`m due on 28th Oct, but on the Huggies EDD chart I`m due 25th Oct?

But according to the measurements of an ultrasound i got about a week ago i was only 16weeks then (instead of the 18wks which i thought i was, and it also said i was 18wks on the Huggies website when i log in) and apparently i`m due on the 18th Nov now!

These are the dates the hospital/doctor are going by now and I`m concerned that the dates are inaccurate, I`m definite in my LMP date, and my last baby was `small-for-dates` (was only 2.125kg at birth) and i`ve also heard that after 14wks they can`t accurately date a pregnancy from measurements so i`m a bit worried...help!!!

Answer: Hi, It is not unusual to have a couple of due dates. Remember it is an EDC (estimated date of confinement) and babies are born at term from 38 weeks to 42 weeks. As you get closer to the due date a more accurate date will be set. It can also be affected by your menstrual cycle – if you have a longer cycle your due date is later & if you have a short cycle (under 28 days) you are due earlier. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jun 2009