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Can they still detect risks of spida bifida or downs syndrome at 10 weeks?

This is going to sound really stupid i realise, but i am newly pregnant (8 weeks) and i am getting really paranoid bout the well being of my baby. i have had a lot of bad luck recently (car crash -only minor- brand new phone breaking, bad dental experience) and i am getting increasingly worried bout weather my baby will have spida bifida or down syndrome. i am only 22, it hasnt occured in my family, nor my partners. i am waiting for my scan. i am in thailand during my 11th and 12 week and get back in time for it by 13 and a half weeks. can they still detect this at that point in time. and also would they be able to detect it if i was to get a scan at 10 weeks? what other options are there to find out about this? am i normal being this worried?
also, what foods shall i avoid in thailand? i am aware that some herbs etc can cause harm but dont know what they are.
i look forward to your reply

Answer: Hi, It is normal to have some concerns in pregnancy and the further along you are the more relaxed you will feel. Try to eat a healthy diet; here is a link to healthy eating in pregnancy: http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/consumers/life%2Devents%2Dand%2Dfood/pregnancy/ There is another test, an amniocentesis, which can be attended at a later date if the scan does show abnormalities. Talk to your health care professional about the timing of your tests. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Jun 2009