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I don`t know what I can do to get my taste buds back?

Hi Alex,
I just found out im 7 weeks pregnant with my first child and im only 20years old. I have a few questions, firstly and i know this is`nt good but don`t know what i can do to get my taste buds back? thirdly can explain to me what my options are when it comes to the birth of my baby?
Cheers :-) BEC

Answer: Hi Bec, Cramping is very common in the early weeks of pregnancy. If there is no bleeding then treat this as normal. With eating it may be best to try small snacks often so that you are able to tolerate the food more readily. It is good to find out as much as you can about your birth options early in pregnancy. If you have a preference for the birth it is also good to find out if this is available to you. If you want a less interventionist approach and a more natural birth you can look at a birth centre or midwife-led care for your pregnancy care and birth of the baby. If you have prominent health issues and think that these may affect the pregnancy it may be wise to consider a more medical approach where your problems can be closely monitored. Your options are really what you want and what is available to you in your area. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Jun 2009