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How often is it quicker 2nd time round?

Hi Alex
Im due early July with my 2nd child. First was born drug free in the birthpool no complications. I considered a homebirth for this one but hubby is not in approval so have decided for hospital again. Had m/wife appntment this week and all progressing well, head down lying on the right not engaged bp etc all normal. M/wife has given me a bag of drugs to keep in the fridge just in case I end up giving birth at home. She seems fairly confident things will happen a lot quicker this time round, first child was as follows;
1st stage about 5hrs,
2nd stage 18 mins (we made it to the hospital with about 10mins to spare)
3rd stage 20mins

While I am happy to "be prepared" it has also made me a little nervous about not making it in time and having to do it at home unplanned as such. How often is it quicker 2nd time round and is there anything else I can do to put my mind at ease?

Answer: Hi, More than likely you will have plenty of notice. Usually with a second birth you can get delayed dropping off the other child so it adds time to your journey to the hospital – I have seen a few births at Grandma’s house. Your midwife may just be the cautious type and gives you the drugs as a precautionary measure only. When your contractions become regular and are no closer than 5 mins apart, this is a good time to make a move – as long as you are within 30 mins of the hospital. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Jun 2009