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Is it possible that bub has engaged already?

i was wonderin if it is possible that bub has engaged already...
i am in agony alot with lower abdominal pain then when i was in labour with DD1 if i make small circle with my hips a feel a "grindin" sensation when i walk the pain in my pelvis is unbearable to the point where i cry so i have to drag my feet i have back pain and my left leg is for ever going to sleep not to mention peeing EVERY 20-30 mins....
if bubs is enaged is it to early????

Answer: Hi, Sometimes that baby can position itself quite low and it can cause discomfort. It does not indicate that the baby will come early. There is also a hormone that is produced that helps to relax and loosen your joints later in pregnancy. It could be this that is also causing problems. Mention this to your midwife and you may need to see a Physiotherapist for advice and treatment. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 29 Jun 2009