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My dr has told me I could rupture my uterus during labour

hi alex,
I have had 2 previous c sections, my first was an emergency c section as I did not the the correct support to go through natural labour my second was an opted c section as I just though it would be easier. however i am now 23 weeks pregnant and i extremely want to try a vbac but my dr has told me i could rupture my uterus during labour and apparently it is 1 in every 2 women where this happens.

so i was just wondering on your advice if u know of any successful vbac`s after 2 or more c sections

Answer: Hi, The risks of a vaginal birth after a Caesar are the same if you have had one or two caesareans. However, it is difficult to convince most doctors and they tend to use scare tactics by quoting inaccurate statistics so that women opt for another caesarean. You need to try to find a health care professional who will care for you and try for a vaginal birth. You can approach independent midwives or enquire through the midwives at your local hospital. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 29 Jun 2009