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Are there any tests to see if there is a reason for miscarrying?

Hi Alex
Im 22, have 1 20mth daughter and trying for #2..
I had a m/c and d&c in Nov last year, then fell pregnant in feb this year, only to m/c again at 12wks, had to have another d&c as chances were my body wouldn`t do anything for a month at least.. (so d&c was done on April 11).

On Saturday just gone i thought my cycle was starting again, but has not been normal at all.. just very very light/clots and brownish in colour like the end of a period..(sorry TMI)

Just wondering when we can try again? Do i wait until I have another full on period or is it going to be ok to try this month? what are the chances of another m/c??

Is there any tests that can be done to see if there is a reason for miscarrying?? Or do we have to just keep trying??

Im just a bit confused this time, as last time my period was back to normal 4 wks after d&c, this time its nothing like normal.. so dont know when to retry?!...

Sorry for the long question, hope u can make sence of it all!! Just not getting any help from Drs..

Answer: Hi Stef, It can be common to have a couple of miscarriages. However, if you do have three or more miscarriages in a row you need to have further tests to check if there is a hormonal problem or something else that may be causing them. You period this time may still be sorting itself out or you may need to do a pregnancy test as this can sometimes be the cause of a light period. If the discharge is smelly you need to see your GP for a check up and treatment. If the pregnancy test is negative there is no reason not to start trying. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 May 2009