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Is it normal to be more sensitive after sex during pregnancy?

hi. I am asking a very personal question. Is it normal to be more sensitve down in the vaginal area after having sex during pregnancy? I find after having sex with my partner it is sore afterwards, sort of stings and aches for a while then goes away. We use lubricant but seems to make no difference. Is this normal or is something up? thanks

Answer: Hi, Yes it can be a bit different during pregnancy usually from the changes in your hormone levels. If the sensation continues you may need ot have a check up to see if you have a thrush infection (which is also very common in pregnancy). Best wishes, Alex Note from Huggies: We appreciate that many of our members questions are sensitive and private in nature, and we adhere to strict privacy rules. Unless you write your name within your question, no-one can see it. The Help Panel do not receive any of your personal details; no name, no email, no other contact information... nothing that directly identifies you in any way. We even go so far as to remove surnames and contact information, that some people include within their questions, to protect them in ways they may not have considered. Rest assured we take your privacy very seriously, it is all very confidential.
Answered: 22 May 2009