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I`ve just been diagnosed with placenta previa

hi alex I am 21 weeks pregnant and just been diagnosed with placenta previa. my obstertrician said not to worry baby is excellent and will be seeing me in a month, and hopefully i will not start spotting and it might correct itself. i own my own hairdressing buisness and am not sure if i should stop work as i am on my feet for long hours. What do you think. as i have had 4 previous miscarriages i dont want to take any chances. many thanks anne dan and precious bubs

Answer: Hi, You need to find out if this is true placenta praevia or just a low lying placenta. IF the doctor thinks that it may move then it may just be a low lying placenta. This is not as greater risk as a true placenta praevia. IF you are not experiencing any bleeding at all then you can continue as normal. If you do start to bleed at all then this is an indication that you may need to reduce your working time. If you are worried then it may be best to try to reduce your hours so that you don’t end up blaming your self if something happens. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Jan 2009