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I`m having trouble with my midwife

Hey, i`m having some truble wit my midwife and back up midwife thay both are letting me down eg my back up LMC has ago at me everytime i go to hosp 4 pain i have i have been told by hosp 2 go up for anything at all i have had 2 misscarys in this preggy i was having 3 but down to 1 now i hav 29 days til my EDD and i dont know what to do is ther still time to change is it worth changing LMC or not??? HELP

Answer: Hi, If you are not happy with your care it is best to try to find someone that you feel more comfortable with. Please go through the channels that you went through when you were first pregnant to find someone else. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Mar 2009