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It just didnt feel like I gave birth to my daughter. please help

hi, i am currently 29 weeks pregnant with number 2, and have been told that i have to have a c-section. With my first i got induced and the doctor broke my waters, dilated 7 cm and then said that i have to have an emergency section due to obstructed labour...i have no idea what this means but is it really necessary for me to have a section... i was really devastated when i had to have it the first time and am worried i will suffer post natal depression.... im lost, was so looking forward to having a vaginal birth... it just didnt feel like i gave birth to my daughter. please help.. should i seek a 2nd opinion.. thanks heaps

Answer: Hi Hayley, You really need to talk to your health care professionals. There are many reasons for an emergency caesarean. You may have a small outlet of your pelvis that impedes the baby’s descent and you will always have trouble with vaginal births. The baby may have started to get distressed and a decision was made to deliver the baby. Once you know the facts about your first birth then you can start to plan for your next. You need to get your midwife to read your old notes and explain in everyday language what happened. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 01 Jul 2009