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Do you think she could turn by herself?

hi i`m 30 weeks with #4 and have been told the baby is footling breech is there any chance that the baby could move from this position so i could have a normal delivery.

i delivered my other 3 children naturally and am really hoping for the same for this one but i have been told that she will not turn and i will have to have a section which im very nervous about i really dont know how i would cope afterwards having a new baby a 21mth old a 4 yr old an 10yr old all at home with me as i would not be able to drive them to school we have no family over here to help us out either

is this true what i have been told about her not moving or do you think she could turn by herself what r my chances??

Answer: Hi, Your baby can turn up to about 34 – 36 weeks. There is also a technique called external cephalic version that is quite successful at turning babies if they do remain breech. Try not to worry too much just yet. The baby should turn in the next few weeks. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jul 2009