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I would like some help with breastfeeding

Hi Alex
I`m currently pregnant with my 3rd child and would like some help with breastfeeding. Bub is due in October and I was wondering if there is anything i can do to enhance my milk supply before bub gets here. I fully breastfed my son, almost 3, until he was 1 but struggled with supply throughout. When my daughter came along, now 10 months, i only managed to breastfeed fully for a month and then my supply became too hard to maintain. I tried Maxalon, milk thistle, fennel, fenugreek and expressing but i never seem to have enough. I really want to fully breastfeed this baby so what can i do to make sure i have enough milk?
thanks heaps

Answer: Hi, You can start to prepare your breasts now for breast feeding. You can stimulate your nipples several times during the day and express a small amount of colostrum and rub this gently into your nipples. The best way to keep your supply up is to demand feed as often as the baby wants and to get as much rest as possible. Give the baby lots and lots of breast time. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 Jul 2009