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I have woken up in extreme pain from my pelvis, I can barely walk

Hi Alex,
This is my third pregnancy and has pretty much been smooth sailing i am classified high risk by the hospital due to previous pre-eclampsia with #2 but so far have only shown to have protein in my urine at every visit from 25 weeks onwards no high bp or related symptoms. Unfortunatley as was with #2 as well i suffered with spd which caused me to have to be on bedrest from week 30 along with the developing pre-eclampsia due to the severe pain in my pelvis i was able to deliver perfectly though and had no problems in that department. My question is i am due today the 8th of july and at my last appointment on the 26th june i was 4/5engaged and bub was in a good position. Yesterday and today i have woken up in extreme pain from my pelvis i can barely walk unaided and find it difficult to spread my legs especially when i go to the bathroom and i have to sit with my legs apart the pressure on my pelvic bone is really bad.

Up until now my spd had been fantastic no pain no dramas what so ever and now i am starting to get concerned about how i will go during delivery.

I havent been resting as much as with my 2nd child because my pelvis has been really good and i havent been on bed rest this time around its just sort of started to get really painfull. How will i know if i can cope with the pain of my pelvis during labour is this going to change my circumstances of having a natural birth and will they be more inclined to give me cesar which i would not be happy with.
Any advice would be great?

Thanks angie

Answer: Hi Angie, More than likely your baby has descended a bit further into your pelvis in readiness for labour and birth. Hopefully you will go into labour soon and the baby will descend further and this may relieve the pain in the pelvis – as it did previously. Try not to be too concerned as you have been through this before and had a very good outcome. If you are really concerned it is advisable to contact your local hospital and have a check up. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Jul 2009