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What are my chances of having another breech baby?

I am 16weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and am wondering what the chances are of having another breech baby? My last baby (a boy) was breech and had to be turned by our hospitals cheif of gynacology, and then I had to be induced as he was trying to turn back around. I am also wondering if it is normal to have extremely sore nipples this early in the pregnancy? I didn`t have it with my other 3 but this time they get so sore I can`t have anything touch them not even the material from my bra or shirts.

Answer: Hi, Tender nipples are very common in early pregnancy and nothing to be concerned about; unfortunately it is another thing to endure. However, if it continues you may need to have a check up as thrush in the nipple is not uncommon. A breech position can be related to the shape of your pelvis so it may happen again. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Jul 2009