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They noticed I had multiple subchorionic heamorrages

hi Alex,
at my 12 week U/S for nuchal transluncency, everything looked fine but they noticed i had multiple subchorionic heamorrages, the largest measuring up to 5.5cm..is that measurement considered large?? my doctor is away on holidays for another week and im trying not to stress myself out..i havent had any bleeds yet and the baby is measuring acorrding to dates and has always had strong heart beat, ive been on moderate bed rest since 6 weeks..is there anything else i should b doing and is there some kind of specialist i can see for this problem..

Answer: Hi, Your pregnancy is still relatively early and it is difficult to determine if there will be any long term affects of the bleeding. Try not to worry too much if you are not showing any signs of bleeding or experiencing strong cramps more than likely everything will continue as normal. It is quite common to have small bleeds apparent on scans. Once the placenta is functioning after 12weeks these tend to disappear. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 15 Jul 2009