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Staying awake after feed

My baby is 6weeks old and sleeps for four hours between feeds. Staying up an hour after all feeds, but tends to stay awake in the afternoon for up to 3hours long. He is being bottle fed and has a dummy at times when he`s not hungry but just wanting to suck. I wanted to know if it is ok to stay up for a long period of time? He does seem quite stressful, in which I have to rock him, and give him his dummy all after his bottle-feed. But he still continues to stay awake. After this long period he sleeps to his 4hour pattern again, but then this will continue the next day at the same time. I also was thinking of giving him Gripe water as I think he has trouble bringing wind up at this time, as his tongue is always up. But I dont know how to give it, as there is no instructions on bottle.
He has approx 5 bottles per day made up of 150mls he will drink 3 bottles of 150mls, but the other two he only drinks up to 100mls. Hes gaining weight fine, but is he having enough food?.

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. Please talk to your Early Childhood Health Clinic for ongoing support. Babies are generally unsettled at this time of the day and this is to be expected. Don`t offer too much milk as this can also unsettle them. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007