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When to introduce solids at dinner

Hi Alex, my daughter Mia (7.5kg) will be 5months old next week and I have started her on pureed carrot and sweet potatoe every day this week at 11am (offering bottle first and then bottle when done). However my question is when do I now need to introduce solids at dinner. She has been sleeping through so I haven`t thought it was necessary yet but am unsure as to when i need to introduce dinner?
Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you

Answer: Hi Michelle, Thank you for your enquiry. Please visit your Early Childhood Health Centre for ongoing support. It is now advised not to introduce solids until six months of age. Then you start with a rice cereal one to two times per day and then gradually increase the amount and frequency. Once they tolerate this you can start introducing one food at a time - pureed cooked apple for example to check for allergies. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007