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Early braxton hicks, and late morphology scan

Hi there.
I am 20 weeks pregnant and think i might be having Braxton Hicks. I have been having very strong tightenings of my uterus but not always the entire thing, sometimes it is a little hard on either side. Would this hardness on the side also be braxton Hicks or is it more likely the baby.

One last thing, I am a little worries as I couldn`t get an Morphology scan appointment until 21 weeks and results until 22 wks. I know if there are any severe complications with the baby before 20 weeks it is possible to consider ending the pregnancy but how would this affect us? would there be any decision to consider or would it be too late if we do so happen to have a complication with the baby?

Many thanks and Kind regards, Bianca.

Answer: Hi Bianca, Thank you for your enquiry. Braxton hicks tend to involve the entire uterus so if it is only in one area it is more likely to be the baby. A later ultrasound will be fine. If there were any major complications with the baby they more than likely would have been obvious by now. If there are concerns at the time of the ultrasound you will be notified straight away. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 01 Nov 2007