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Since being pregnant, I have acne all over my back

Hi there, my question is related to the worst acne ever all over my back, some on my chest & a little on my face. It`s only occourred since i`ve been pregnant & is pretty grose. I have never had pimples or acne, not even as a teenager so it`s very unusual. I know it`s probably just due to hormonal changes, will it go away after the birth or hang around while i breast-feed. I use topical treatments for it i.e washes & creams which seem to take the redness out of it but it`s still definatly all there. I`m so grateful to be finally be pregnant after 12 yrs of infertility & i know the acne is the least of my worries, it just gets annoying, thats all. Thank you & have a great day.

Answer: Hi, Some side effects in pregnancy can be a little hard to take. The acne may settle as your pregnancy progresses and it should go away after the birth. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Oct 2008