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Avatar Catma...
Toilet training, too soon or should I go with it as my son is showing signs?

My 2 and a half year old son announced two weeks ago that he didn't want to wear nappies anymore so I took that as a sign of toilet training. We started on the potty and he has been happy there but he is really a bit big for it now. We have had one wee and one poo in the potty in two weeks of starting. Should I continue ? Is this a normal start to toilet training? He has been showing interest in the toilet so we have been sitting on it at regular times during the day. All the wees are usually done in his pull ups or undies. He seems keen and interested so should we stay with it and it will happen when its meant to? Im not expecting it over night but just wondering if there be more signs or should I wait a little longer?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It may have been a little premature, the novelty of it all was a bit greater than his ability. Your choice really how you manage this. You could, for the sake of practicality put him back in nappies until the weather is warmer, he's a couple of months older and he's interested again or you could just continue with his undies/pullups. Either way your attitude is spot on, this is not about him being naughty but simply age and maturity and nervous system development. Some kids simply take longer to get the hang of toilet training and some seem to in a couple of days. If possible, send him to the toilet with his dad so he sees what's involved and then he learns to use the toilet and the discomfort of the potty isn't an issue. Check the toilet training articles on the Huggies site as well because there's lots of comprehensive information around toilet training contained. Best Jane
Answered: 10 Sep 2014