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Avatar Eric_...
13 month doesn't takes steps

I understand that there is a fairly broad range before toddlers take their first steps; however I wanted to know if they should at least attempt to take baby steps if I lift her off the ground? Everything else seems normal. She raises herself from a sitting position using furniture, etc. and scoots around.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You're right when you say there is a large variation in normal. Kids generally develop in a head to toe direction so they sit, then crawl, then pull themselves to stand and walk around furniture before eventually and slowly letting go and walk independently. As long as she is having plenty of floor time and opportunity to practice then all should be fine. But if you have any concerns about any other aspect of her growth and development then a check with your CHN/GP may be useful. There is a genetic correlation between the age at which parents walked and the age their children will. But 13 months is right in the midline and does not constitute a delay. The general guidelines state that by 12 months toddlers needs to be not crawling or bottom shuffling, pulling themselves to stand and standing holding onto furniture. Hope this helps. Jane
Answered: 10 Sep 2014