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Avatar Steff...
Lonely 2yr Old!

My 2yr old is really craving the attention of other children, she isn't in daycare because we are moving to another town in 5mths time so we didn't want to start in one only to take her out in a couple of months! Is it normal to feel guilty? Plus my husband & I both work so time for play groups are limited. As soon as she is around other kids she gets picked on because she either doesn't want to share or is too overbearing for other kids. Is this normal?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, I'm sure you've investigated the options of little "play dates" with families who have similar aged children. You mention you both work so is she in a day care setting with other kids? The behaviour you're talking about is pretty normal. It's age appropriate for 2 year olds not to want to share and still be learning about social skills. She's probably getting excited and not sure what's reasonable in terms of relating to other kids, at 2 her brain is still a work in progress and how she is now is not an indication of how she'll always be around other children. Give her time. Try not to limit her social interaction on the weekends, go to parks and places where other children are playing and let her see you being calm and not jumping in too quickly to help her get on with others. With summer coming up she may benefit from doing some swimming classes with other toddlers and she'll see you mixing and relating/communicating with other parents as well. Give her time and reassurance but be patient. And importantly, try not to feel guilty. The very fact that you took the time to email and the way you've framed your question is an indication of how much you care. Best Jane
Answered: 27 Sep 2014