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How to start Potty Training????

Hi Jane, I am trying to convince my 2 year old daughter to try potty training. We tried this before when she was about 20 month old but it didn't work out. She now is more ready and I am trying to encourage her by giving her rewards, but she never listens to what we tell her to do. Every time we ask her if she wants to be a big girl, she says she wants to be a baby. She is out growing the biggest size nappies and I worry she can't finish potty training before she can't fit them anymore.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Have you considered just using nappy pants or the training pants rather than nappies? These are ideal for this age and stage. The other tip I have is to just be very matter of fact and not engage her too much in conversation or explanation about this. Take her to the toilet with you when you go and role model what's involved. See if she'd prefer using the toilet with a child sized toilet insert/seat so she's comfortable and sit her on the toilet after meals and every couple of hours. Consider using a star/reward chart and clean up accidents as they occur without too much fuss. And check the Huggies site for general information on toilet training. She's at the right age and the weather is ideal for toilet training currently but be mindful that it's so individual and also genetically influenced that there is no one prescriptive age for toilet training. If she's waking up dry from a day time sleep and can now recognize that she's wet or dirty or needs to go then these are the signs that she's ready to start. Best Jane
Answered: 06 Jan 2015