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Toilet training issues with 3 year boy

We have bee trying for four months to toilet train our son. Had a few regressions on the way, and finally thought we had hit the jackpot! Had two weeks straight of perfect TT, poos and wees on the toilet no accidents. Now its regressed back to the start, lucky if he can do a wee once a day. Sticker charts, chocolate coins etc don't seem to work. He does a small poo every 30min/hour so we have to change him all the time. This morning I asked him to pick some books for us to read at nap time, while I put the rubbish out. Came back to find he'd done a big poo on one of the books, and laughing at it. I try not to react too much and just took the book away, but sometimes it gets too frustrating and I have to leave the room. Ask if he can go do a wee before we play outside, he declines then five minutes later does it in his pants. So tired of this struggle

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It's very normal for kids to regress after making real progress with TT. Boys especially seem (often) to take three steps forwards and one step back. Ignoring and praising can work but I hear what you say when you're getting frustrated with this. You really don't have much option but to continue with what you're doing. Perhaps the novelty factor has worn off for him in which case you could consider going back to nappies but honestly, that would be shame considering what progress you've already made. When you say he does as small poo so frequently, consider if he's actually constipated. There is a condition known as retention with overflow where the bowel motion is dry and hard and effectively blocking the passage of the softer stool behind it. With this there is frequent leakage of the softer, runnier poo but the child doesn't actually fully empty their bowel. Treatment is with laxatives until the child's bowel tone returns to normal. Check with your GP to see if this is the underlying cause for the frequency of stooling. Another tip is to check the Huggies site for information on TT and to ensure you're doing everything that you can at this age and stage. You could also consider sending him to the toilet with his dad if this is appropriate, there's lots to be gained from children seeing their same gender parents going to the toilet and learning what's involved. And involve your toddler in clean ups as well. Best Jane
Answered: 28 Feb 2015