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Avatar Helln78
Toilet training refusal in nearly 3 year-old.

Hi, my daughter will be 3 in May and has done a few wees on the potty but lately refuses to even try. I know she is able to tell when she is going to wee and can even hold it in as I attempted to do a nappy off day and she wouldn't wee until I had to go out and put a nappy on her - she did one as soon as the nappy went on. She has a 6 month-old brother who needs a lot of my attention and as we've been telling her often she is a "big girl" now, she screams "no, I'm not a big girl"... I'm wondering whether jealousy has something to do with it and if so how can I get around this to encourage her to toilet train?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It may well be that this is a way for her to gain some more attention and demonstrate her dependence on you. Which is utterly normal at this age and stage. Toilet training tends to be a case of three steps forward and one step back and when there is change there is often regression. All you can do is ensure she has easy access to the toilet and you remind her/take her frequently. Try not to invest too much time, energy or attention into all of this. She is likely to connect her reluctance to use the toilet as a way to gain more attention from you. Aim to have some special one on one time with her each day. Praise her (but avoid going overboard) when she does use the toilet and just try and be very matter of fact about it all. Take her to the toilet with you when you go so she learns what's involved in terms of role modelling. Be patient, kind and nurturing with her. She's still little. Best Jane
Answered: 30 Mar 2015