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Avatar Sweet...
15 month old nappy leakage at night

My 15 month old DS has recently started waking up at night due to leakage. I have been using Huggies since his birth and never had any problems.
Any advice is welcome.
Thank you.

Jane ...
Answer: Hello, Some babies tend to pass large amounts of urine when they are asleep and because they're not changed as regularly as through the day, the result is a saturated nappy. Until he's old enough and mature enough to start producing a particular hormone which slows the production of urine through the night (and this takes some years), then he'll continue to need nappies. You could try using an adhesive sanitary pad inside his nappy to absorb the extra urine. This can be quite successful. Or alternately, use two nappies on him to absorb the extra urine. Or if he's a very deep sleeper and you try in the early stages of his sleep, perhaps you could change him very quietly without disturbing him. But I do acknowledge this is a bit risky in terms of him waking up. And you could experiment with different sizes/ages of nappies to see if one is more suitable at this stage. Best Jane
Answered: 30 Mar 2015