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Avatar Jacki...
When should I potty train my kid?

Jane ...
Answer: Hello, There is no absolute age when toilet training should begin. Every child is unique and will develop skills in their own time. TT is largely about nervous system maturity and environmental support. If your toddler is waking up dry from a nap, can recognize when they are wet/dirty or about to be and can "hold on" to their urine for a while, then these may be readiness signs. Generally under 18 months of age is too young. Boys tend to be slower than girls to be TT and there can be a difference of a year or more between day and night time dryness. Role model appropriate toilet behaviour yourself, take your little one to the toilet with you (or their same gender parent) and talk to them about what's involved. There is never any place for criticism or punishment when it comes to TT. Time, patience and kindness all support TT. Best Jane
Answered: 14 May 2015