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Avatar Beckl...
Toilet Training - 3yr old Boy

Hello. We are currently toilet training our 3yr old son. He is quite happy to go to toilet when we ask, but we having trouble with him not recognizing the he needs to go. Can you give me any hints as how to help him recognise this?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You could regularly, say every two hours take him to the toilet yourself and ask him to go. Take him to the toilet with you when you go and also send him with his dad if possible. Learning what's involved from the same gender parent can be useful. Praise and reward him when he does recognize it himself, but don't invest too much energy into him missing the cues. It's very normal for boys especially to take a while to "get" toilet training but once they do they tend to be fine. Check the TT information on the Huggies site as well. Best Jane
Answered: 14 May 2015