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Avatar Kirst...
Put down by child health nurse

Hi, I am still breastfeeding my 18 month old by choice ( I will let him decide when to finish) but unfortunately at my last child health nurse visit she told me in less words that my child does not need to rely on the breast
this has really upset me. I am not going to change my outlook on the matter but I don't believe a child health nurse ( who should be encouraging breastfeeding put me down like this) I've opted for another health nurse.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, There are benefits to breastfeeding for as long as possible, both for the child and for the mother. Problems can happen if a toddler is filling on up breast milk and then not accepting solid foods. They can wake several times overnight and demand breastfeeds to satisfy their hunger which breast milk does for a short time but then they continue to wake and get into a "snacking and napping" cycle. I'm not saying this is the situation for you but it does commonly happen. If your toddler is still happy to BF and you are happy as well, he's eating three main meals each day and a couple of snacks and is meeting his developmental and percentile growth patterns then keep doing whatever is working for you both. If however, your CHN raised concerns that your toddler is not gaining weight as he needs to or is (potentially) iron deficient because of a low solid food intake then her advise may be very wise. Without knowing more about you and your individual situation I'm sorry I can't provide you with more specific advice. Hope this helps. Best Jane
Answered: 31 Aug 2015