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Baby biting etc

Hi there,

My 12 month old bites my husband and I, and other people quite a bit. I used to think it was teething related, but now I just wonder if he's being naughty. How can you tell if it's teething related? Even if it is, what can I do to stop it?

If it's a behavioural thing, what can I do to stop it? Some people say bite them back...?

Also he scratches my face and pulls at my nose and thinks it's funny, it really hurts. I'm scared he'll do it to other kids. How can I stop this?

Lastly, hair pulling! He loves to pull my hair and again thinks it's a game and laughs. I think it's because I say ouch or owe in a loud voice and he finds that funny.

Please help!!!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, All of these behaviours sound age appropriate. He's doing them because he's getting a reaction and also learning about his own power and abilities, not because he's being deliberately naughty. He's still learning what constitutes appropriately social behaviour. As his primary role models you'll need to teach him time and time again what's reasonable and what's not. Praise him when he's being gentle and role model the sort of behaviour you want him to display himself. Watch him when he's around other kids because they may get hurt. Not because he deliberately wants to cause them harm, he's just looking for reactions; cause and effect and how he plays a part in this. Biting at this age could be teething-biting just seems to feel good for some kids who are very oral. But it's probably more a behavioural issue and you're just going to have to catch him before he bites and put him down or away from other kids. Being watchful and alert is exhausting throughout this stage I know but he will learn what's reasonable in terms of being around others. You and your husband need to manage this in a very consistent and persistent way. Be patient and kind with your toddler, he's still learning. Best Jane
Answered: 16 Sep 2015