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Avatar Skdob...
Are Pull Ups suitable for night?

My 2.5yr old son is currently toilet training and is doing really well during the day but obviously has not mastered nights yet and is still wearing a nappy to bed. I was wondering if Pull Ups are suitable for nighttime as I know they're not as absorbent as regular nappies?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You're right when you mention they're not as absorbent as nappies. But it really depends on the individual child and how much urine they produce overnight. Some are quite fine with the pull ups overnight. You could always try them to see how they go. Another option is to use an absorbent sanitary pad adhered to the inside of the pullups so you've got the added absorbency factor whilst still using the pull ups. You may find it's not for another year or more that he is dry at night. There's often a difference of a year or more between day and night time dryness and boys especially tend to take a little longer than girls to develop night time dryness. Genetics is also a major contributing factor and your influence and his father's will play a role in this. Best Jane
Answered: 08 Oct 2015