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Avatar Sarah...
How do i get my daughter to stop being so scared of walking around without a nappy??

Ok, so I decided to toilet train my 2 1/2 year old this holidays, she is definitely ready and she has barely wet herself yet since taking the nappy off, and she tells me when she needs to go to the toilet, but the most unexpected problem has happened, she will cry all day because she just wants to wear a nappy, Iv tried special undies and tried no undies but she is so worried about getting wet that she will keep sitting on toilet incase she will get wet or crying in a corner! Any tips?? I have a special treats jar for when she does something in the toilet as well.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, This is probably just due to the changes she's going through and a transition from what she knows to what is different. Lots of toddlers feel more secure when they have a nappy on. With time and patience they learn there's nothing to be worried about and just get on with their busy day. In the meantime stay calm and reassuring and just very matter of fact. Try not to resort to putting nappies back on her especially if the toilet training is going well. Another option is to use pull ups which are effectively a good transition between nappies and undies. Have you tried these? Be mindful too that toddlers can very quickly work out that they get lots of lovely attention if they behave in certain ways. Give her praise and heaps of affection when she's not being too demanding. Take her to the toilet with you too so that she has the benefit of role modelling and learns what toileting habits are. Best Jane
Answered: 05 Jan 2016