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Avatar Kryst...
How do i discipline my 19 mth old

My 19mth son is very disobedient and does alot of things he knows he is not allowed to do. He will look at us with expectation and then do it. We have tried ignoring him and focusing attention on him when he is being well behaved, but nothing seems to work.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, The first thing to remember is that at 19 months of age, he's still a work in progress. His brain is still so immature that to link action with consequence and right from wrong is quite simply, beyond his capabilities. He's probably doing this for a combination of reasons. He really doesn't know what he's doing is "wrong", to get some attention and because he's naturally curious and inquisitive. Raising him until he's capable of knowing what he can and can't touch and behaving well will take years. Parenting is a marathon so it pays to save parental energy for battles which are worth it. Insulate your home environment as much as possible so that you're not constantly on edge with what he's about to do. Focus on what's important and keep doing what you are in terms of praising him when his behaviour is good and appropriate. Ignore what doesn't matter and remind yourself that with time, maturity and increasing age he will learn how to be more socially appropriate. Best Jane
Answered: 24 Jan 2016