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  4. my son won't go to the toilet at the age of 4. I've been training him since he was 2.
Avatar Suzan...
my son won't go to the toilet at the age of 4. I've been training him since he was 2.

Search results for Hi, my 4.5 year old has no trouble pooing and peeing in his undies. I tell him every day to use the toilet but he never does. I've been training him since he was around 2years old. People I've spoken to have said he could be too preoccupied with play time or he could be lazy to go. Nothing seems to be working and his child doctor said he's just at THAT age. But at the age of 4 I find it very difficult to find new ways that will work for him to sit on the toilet. He has had a reward sheet and a junior toilet seat but he's not interested in any of the toilet games.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It does sound as if you're doing everything that you can. Often, in cases where toilet training is taking a long time and the child isn't really making any progress, it's worthwhile to see an Occupational Therapist who has a special interest in toilet training. There can be reasons why children don't want to use the toilet such as a means of getting attention, being genuinely scared of using the toilet, being busy and distracted or perhaps even bored with the whole process. Boys in comparison with girls tend to be slower to toilet train. Have you sent him to the toilet with his father? There can be benefits (if possible) of children seeing exactly what's involved by role modelling with their same gender parent. Speak with your GP again about wanting to see an OT. Or perhaps you could access one yourself either privately (if you have extras on your health insurance) or via your local community health centre. Be mindful though that if you do choose to go publicly there is often a lengthy waiting list. So you'd be wise to investigate this option early. Best Jane
Answered: 15 Sep 2016