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Avatar kptnz
Daycare toilet training confusion

Over the weekend we had our 2.5 year old in undies and tried to get her to use the toilet as often as possible. We thought she was ready and took her to her in-home childcare and let her carer know she was wearing undies while at home.
When I collected her that day I was told she wasn't really ready yet for undies, because she still can't take her pants off herself and doesn't actually "know" when she needs to go. Her carer suggested maybe keeping her in pull-ups but still try to encourage her to go (although we can have her in undies when we have her).
Since her carer doesn't think she is ready for undies yet, what is the best way to go about it? Should we send her to daycare in toilet-training pants or pull-ups? I don't want to confuse her, and I still want to have her in undies at home.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, What's important is that both at home and at day care she's managed in the same way. At 2.5 yoa she's still little and there's real benefits in her hearing the same consistent message. It's common for parents to need to be flexible in these early TT days and use a combination of pull-ups/training pants/undies depending on the circumstances. TT is often a three steps forwards and two steps back process. So don't expect your toddler to just "get it" and not have little accidents. Be very matter of fact with her and don't invest too much time and energy into rewards and punishments. I'd suggest you and the carer have a chat about what's realistic for you both, make a plan and stick with it. The carer has a point when she says your little one doesn't "know" when she wants to go. This is one of the markers for TT readiness and also the ability to hold on until they can get to the toilet. Check the TT information on the Huggies website for a range of comprehensive tips on how to TT and options. Cheers Jane
Answered: 22 Apr 2017